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"Give me two minutes and I will show you how to fast and easily create effective trainings that will result in more energy, impact and results!"

On this page you will find the opportunity to make a bigger impact!

Dear reader,

My name is Hugo Bakker and I am the author of a successful dutch icebreaker book and various other books.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing the energy that comes loose by using these active and experiential icebreakers and teamwork exercises.

More energy means more fun and more learning.

And that is what it is all about!

There are too many boring training programs and it is my mission to change that.

If you are reading this, it probably means that: You are looking for a training with more impact and better learning results. And that you want do this with the most efficient and activating icebreakers.

And as soon as possible of course…

But gathering good and diverse icebreakers costs an incredible amount of time. That is why I am offering you 101Icebreakers,  the english version of my book. Enough inspiration for now.

Although I must admit that, my lessons and trainings we not always that good either…

Hugo Bakker

I still remember that someone fell asleep during one of my introductions! I decided to take responsibility and discovered many active and experiential icebreakers. I started to apply these fun icebreakers, and with success! Since then I write about my experiences and now I am sharing them with you through this website. 

What happens when you apply effective icebreakers?

I have received a lot of great results from people who used 101 icebreakers.

The most common results are:

  • more energy

  • more laughter

  • getting to know each other faster

  • more diversity

  • enthusiastic reactions from participants

  • better learning results

  • no more resistance

  • creates a safe environment

I share all these result with a exclusive community en that is the reason why, I get out of bed every morning full of energy and enthusiasm. This way I can help you creating effective trainings with more energy, impact and learning results!


Best wishes, Hugo