Have you ever?

This activity promotes:


Time: 10 – 20 min.

Participants: 6 or more

Inside and outside


Required materials

A tire or hoop for each participant (and maybe yourself).


Put the tires in a wide circle, approximately 2m from each other. In case you have a very big group, put the tires closer to each other. One tire lays in the middle. Give instructions while everybody is standing in his/her tire.

How it works

  • The person in the middle says “Have you ever….<names an activity such as “flying”>
  • The condition is that this person needs to have done this activity himself.
  • Everybody that has done this activity, steps out of his tire and finds another one.
  • Consequently someone else steps into the tire in the middle and the game repeats itself.


  • When the group is ready for it you can interfere and create more openness.


(Most of the time the exercise doesn’t need to be evaluated)

You can of course ask questions such as.

What did you learn from each other?