Gotcha!!Looking for Icebreakers?

Teambuilding Activity: Glue Rope
This team-building activity is called "The Glue Rope."In this game, you quickly get to know the roles your students assume[...]
Teambuilding Activity: Group Juggle
A very enjoyable and playful way to create valuable agreements is the so-called 'Group Juggle'.This is a method to discover[...]
How to break ineffective patterns in teams
How can you, as a trainer or team coach, break ineffective patterns in a team and help create effective patterns?In[...]
Teambuilding Activity: The Net and The Balloon
The Net and the Balloon is a powerful team-building activity that raises awareness of group dynamics and patterns in various[...]
Teambuilding Activity: Giant Woods
This working method promotes:-Dependents on the participants (various outcomes are possible with this game)Instructions:Duration: 30 minutes - 45 minutesParticipants: Minimum[...]
Teambuilding Activity: Quiet Brainstorm
This working method promotes:Brainstorming without discussionCreativitySynergyBelow are the instructions:Duration: 45 minutes, depending on the number of participantsParticipants: 10 to 15Indoor[...]

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