How to break ineffective patterns in teams

How can you, as a trainer or team coach, break ineffective patterns in a team and help create effective patterns?

In this video, I demonstrate how you can successfully do this through the 101werkvormen circle. By the way, what is the definition of a team? A team is a group of people—children, youth, or adults—who, for any reason, achieve more by working together than they would individually.  

In short, let the team experience their pitfalls and reflect on their behavior through interactive exercises and games. Because patterns can be persistent, the decision to do things differently keeps coming back. In some teams, this process occurs faster than in others.

If you have the physical book "De 101werkvormen Formule", you may recognize that the circle is based on the M.E.R.C.I. method (Motivate - Experience - Reflect - Commit - Implement). However, the difference is that here I focus on instilling the decision by repeatedly experiencing (Experience - Reflect - Commit).

As a human being, as a trainer, as a team coach, I can also get stuck in patterns. This is the method I use, and I know it works because I have been able to help many teams in this way.

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