Letting Go

A very effective, surprising and experientail exercise about letting go. The exercise might be a bit extreem.

This activity promotes


Time: 20 -30 min

Participants: –

Outside as well as inside.


Required materials

1 dumbbell of 5 kg( Yes, what you use in a fitness center).

1 dumbbell of 2 kg.

A stopwatch


Arrange the participants in a circle.


When the theme of “letting go”  comes up you can do this exercise.

How it works

  • You give the dumbbell to the person that brought up the subject of “Letting Go”. This person has to stand up and hold the dumbbell in front of him. With their arms horizontal.
  • Push the start on the stopwatch when the person starts lifting the dumbbell.
  • mesure how long it takes untill they drop the dumbbell.


  • Everybody, one by one.
  • With or without competition( The winner is the one with the longest time).
  • You can continue the conversation while the person is lifting and maybe even ask them questions.


In this exercise is evaluation and asking the right questions very important.

  • What happened?
  • Which was easier, letting go or holding on?
  • What happens if you hold on?
  • What did you learn?

Security check

Make sure that people don’t cross their own fysical barriers.