Playing Transformer tag

Here is another old-fashioned active game which was invented for children but is very fun to do with adults.

Required materials



Arrange the children in a group, standing or sitting.


Tell the group that it’s important to put differences and habits aside. There won’t be fixed teams and it can happen that you suddenly belong to the team of the ” opponent”.

How it works:

  • Show the group the two possible positions which they can use
  • Tell the participants that they have to choose between two positions but that they aren’t allowed to tell their position to others.
  • If you say “transform” the participants start standing in their choosen position.
  • The teams tap eachother. If you are tapped you transform to another position and belong to the other team.
  • Keep on until 1 team is left.

It can be played multiple times if the group likes it. Make clear that with each new game a different position can be choosen.


Let the group think of two new positions/postures themselves. If those postures can be carried out well will turn out later.


Not needed

Points of interest

Fairplay is important, if you are tapped you belong to the other team.

Security check

Explain how people are supposed to tap, in order to prevent taps that look more like beating and pushing.