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Color areas

This method promotes:

The instruction:

Time: 1-10 min

Participants: limited to 4 (Adapt the color areas to the size of the group)

Inside and outside

Required materials

3 ropes (length is dependent on the size of the group starting from 5 meter)


lay down three ropes parallel to each other (space between the ropes has to be at least 1.5 meter)

The space up to rope 1: red

Space from 1-2: white               

Space from 2-3: blue

Space after rope 3: orange

How it works:

Say a color and the participants have to try to stand in the area with this color as fast as possible. The last one which tries to stand in it drops out. If you stand in a wrong area you also drop off.

An alternative way:  

  • To make it a bit harder for the participants you can:
  • Split the area from red white blue in a different order than the order of the Dutch flag.
  • Say red and point to the blue area.
  • Say the wrong colors.
  • Make the areas bigger.