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Susan Lattanzi Roser


Energizers! contains 88 energizers for children. The motto of the book is “To learn well, children need to move!” The idea behind the book is that children learn better when the exercise and let their energy out. In Energizers! you will find energizers that are easy to teach and learn. There are energizers for every age and include suggestions and variations to make sure that the fit the group. The activities are labeled by grade level. The energizers can help to calm the children down but also to stimulate them. And they can be done anywhere, Inside and Outside, in a circle, or waiting in line.


Energizers! starts with 12 tips on how to use the energizer which is very convenient. Roser explains the energizers very good. On the side of the page is helpful information such as the pronounciation of certain words or for which grade the activity is suitable. The pictures in the book look really nice and match with the philosophy of the book. Energizers! uses music and rhythm to get the children engaged. A lot of the energizers involve singing or clapping. The writer has a lot of experience with chilren and learning and combines this with a love for piano.

If you want to order the book or read more about it, you can click here.

The Big Book of Team-Motivating Games

Mary & Edward Scannell


In The big book of team-motivating games you will find games that improve cooperation, communication, and spirit. If you have difficulty trying to create a great atmosphere, this is the book for you. It will help promote interaction betweem team members and it encourages a culture of cooperation. It also improves atmosphere, it can help to motivate the team and make something fun out of a boring meeting. This collection of High-energy games will give you the tools to tackle problems suchs as low team spirit, bad communication, distrust.


The big book of team-motivating games starts with an introduction. This intruction tells the basics of team-motivating. Then you get a page called ‘You Key To Succes’ which expains step by step the best way to motivate your team. The writers of the book use sometimes quotes to make a point more and this can be very clarifying. The games are high energy and can be played in or outside of the office. And best of all need no or very few props.

If you want to order the book or read more about it, you can click here.



The Challenge Circle

The Challenge Circle is used on all sorts of times and for different reasons

This activity promotes:


Time: 20 – 30 min

Participants: 5 or more

inside as well as outside possible


Required materials

Two big ropes in a circle. By which the smallest rope a circle forms inside the circle from the longer rope.


Arrange all the participants to stand on the outside of the outer rope.


If your goal is to challenge your participants more you can do this after a break. This way you give them the opportunity to stretch themselves further in the remaining time.

When your goal is getting to know eachother better, you can do this at any moment.

When evaluating is your goal you almost always do this at the end.

How it works

The three circles stand for:

  1. comfortzone (inner circle)
  2. stretch zone (middle circle)
  3. panic zone ( outside the circles)

The activity goes as followed:

  • Someone says an activity (such as bungee jumping) and everyone goes standing in the zone that fits their perception.
  • Everyone takes turns in naming an activity. So, as coach you don’t have to do anything, but you can always join…


  • As trainer you can suggest activities that people in the group avoid or don’t think of. For example “giving feedback to your colleagues”.
  • You can say “You are standing over there, can you explain why…”
  • If you use this activity as evaluation you can ask: “When you look back on this day: Where are you then? Did you challenge yourself? Can you explain why your standing there?”
  • A good question to ask is “In which zone do you grow/learn the most?”(the stretch zone). What did you show today? And If you want to learn more what could you do? You can use these questions to challenge your participants.

Safety check

This is an emotional exercise, inquire how far you can go.


The stampdance

An energizer which immediately gives you energy and joy and can be finished within 2 minutes without a lot of explanation. icebreaker

How it works:

  1. Everyone stands in a circle.
  2. Stand firmly on the ground.
  3. first move your right hand from your chest to the front and back.
  4. Move eight times to the front in a rhythmic manner, you count since you are the trainer.
  5. Then your left arm; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. After that you stamp with your right foot on the ground until number 8. After this you do the same with your left foot.
  6. Subsequently you repeat the movements again with the arms and the feet but seven times, you keep counting.
  7. Then 6x, then 5x, then 4x, then 3x and then 2x and finally everyone just once.
  8. At a sudden moment you only need to call the number before you begin.

Sitting on lap

This method promotes:

the instruction:

Time: 5-10 min

Participants: unlimited

Outside and inside ( it’s a matter of pushing the tables and chairs to the side)

Required materials


How it works:

The participants get the task to sit on the lap of another person.

They can do this in the following manner.

All participants start standing in a circle with their left leg in the middle and look at eachothers back. Make the circle smaller until every participant is belly to back with another participant.

Let a person count from one to three and everyone kneels down at the same time which makes them sit on the lap of another person.


Count from 1 to 3 again and at 3 each participant steps with his or her right foot, after that with the left foot, etc. In this way people run round in a circle.