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Simon Says

Today, we have another video from Mark Collard for you. This time it is about listening and reflex skills.

The goal of the exercise is that you learn to listen in a way you might not expect, because in this video, they play Simon says in a very unconventional way. First the participants are told to walk when Mark says ‘WALK’ and to stop walking when he says ‘STOP’. However after a while the words get switched. Now they have to walk when he says ‘STOP’ and the other way around. This is not all, because other command get added to make the game more challenging. First ‘CLAP’ and ‘NAME’ and later ‘JUMP’ and ‘DANCE’ get added. This is fun to do with a large group of people or children. It triggers the mind to think and people will be more observant afterwards.

Enjoy watching!


The Big Book of Business Games

John W. Newstrom & Edward E. Scannell


The Big Book of Business Games is a great book, if you are looking for icebreakers. It contains 75 activities and icebreakers adapted from the bestselling Games Trainers Play series. The icebreakers are shortened and changed to meet the needs of managers and teamleader. This make it great to use with staff, departments, committees, or other meetings. the icebreakers can bring light to a meeting, or help finding problems in a department and many more. The book covers a wide range of topics suchs as teambuilding, listening & feedback, and motivating the team. The icebreakers are a fun way to deal with important topics and can help to create a better environment at the workplace.


The Big Book of Business Games is divided into section each section covers a topic. For example Motivating Your Group or Creative Problem Solving. All the sections have around six excersizes. The book start with an introduction to business games in which the writers explain how you can make sure that you have the right icebreaker. They also help you with determining in what your goal is. The book uses illustrations which can be both helpful and funny at times.

If you want to order the book or read more about it, you can click here.

Color areas

This method promotes:

The instruction:

Time: 1-10 min

Participants: limited to 4 (Adapt the color areas to the size of the group)

Inside and outside

Required materials

3 ropes (length is dependent on the size of the group starting from 5 meter)


lay down three ropes parallel to each other (space between the ropes has to be at least 1.5 meter)

The space up to rope 1: red

Space from 1-2: white               

Space from 2-3: blue

Space after rope 3: orange

How it works:

Say a color and the participants have to try to stand in the area with this color as fast as possible. The last one which tries to stand in it drops out. If you stand in a wrong area you also drop off.

An alternative way:  

  • To make it a bit harder for the participants you can:
  • Split the area from red white blue in a different order than the order of the Dutch flag.
  • Say red and point to the blue area.
  • Say the wrong colors.
  • Make the areas bigger.


Sitting on lap

This method promotes:

the instruction:

Time: 5-10 min

Participants: unlimited

Outside and inside ( it’s a matter of pushing the tables and chairs to the side)

Required materials


How it works:

The participants get the task to sit on the lap of another person.

They can do this in the following manner.

All participants start standing in a circle with their left leg in the middle and look at eachothers back. Make the circle smaller until every participant is belly to back with another participant.

Let a person count from one to three and everyone kneels down at the same time which makes them sit on the lap of another person.


Count from 1 to 3 again and at 3 each participant steps with his or her right foot, after that with the left foot, etc. In this way people run round in a circle.