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Maze alive

A hilarious energizer. It’s playing tag with surprising twists.

Deze activiteit bevordert:

Here is the instruction:

Time: 5 – 10 min

Participants: 8 or more



Required materials


How it works:

Arrange all the participants in such a manner that the explanation can be heard well. Tell them that we are going to do ‘Maze alive’ and that it involves playing tag. After that you ask the group to stand in rows behind one another. Everyone is faced to the same side.

Independently of the size of the group all participants are supposed to form a square with eachother in the same way as the example beneath shows.

0 – 0 – 0

0 – 0 – 0

0 – 0 – 0

When the group is bigger there could be for example five rows of five people. The distance between the participants is about the length of their arms. If they put their arms to the side they can touch eachother’s hands. Make sure that the rows are arranged in sequence.

The people in the row keep standing and hold their arms up horizontally.

Two people won’t stand in the rows.

One of them is the tagger and the other person is the one who has to be tagged.

It works in this way.


Tell the participants that you (the trainer) will give them the command ‘turn’ constantly.

This means that a person has to turn a quarter clockwise. If you give the command again the people turn back.

It is a good idea to practice this before doing it.

Because the standing people keep their arms up horizontally a kind of wall is created which the tagger and the runner can’t pass. They can run though where there are no arms.

The tagger and the runner run through the standing people.

Now the one who gives the commands can say ‘turn’ unexpectedly. Everyone who stands turns a quarter to the right or back. A maze is being created for the tagger and the runner which constantly changes.

The tagger and runner swap roles when the runner is tagged.


  • Differentiate with the rule: the runner can give the commands.
  • It’s the same for the tagger.
  • Let someone from the group give the command.
  • There are two taggers…


Enjoy it! Look at it and if it is just fun;

why would you evaluate?

Security check

Geef instructie dat de mensen die hun armen omhoog houden opletten dat ze de loper of tikker niet slaan tijdens het draaien. Met nat gras is dit niet aan te raden omdat de tikker en de loper heel vaak moeten veranderen van richting.

Explain that the people which hold their arms up have to pay attention and that they don’t beat the runner or tagger while they are turning.