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The knot

A fun energizer in which there is a lot of physical contact and people can laugh a lot is ‘The Knot’.

Give this instruction:

Stand shoulder to shoulder in a small circle.

Close the eyes, put the hands in front at the height of the shoulders.

Look with closed eyes for the hands of other people and grab them. When everyone has found two hands the eyes can be opened again.

Now the knot has to be untied WITHOUT releasing the hands!

Outside in

A fun start for a team is this one:

This activity promotes:

he instruction:

Time: 10 minutes

Participants: 8 or more

Has to be done inside, not outside


Required materials

duct tape


The participants are sitting in splits on the ground in a circle with the faces turned to the center. The left ankle is strapped to the right ankle of the person at the left side with duct tape.

How it works:

Participants have to turn from the inside to the outside of the circle. In other words, the backs are getting closer to eachother. This has to happen without releasing the ankles.

Solution (give it straight away):

If half of the people in the circle hang or sit as low as possible to the ground, the other half can creep over the others.


  1. How was it?
  2. Was there discussion, was there a strategy?
  3. Did you keep trying?
  4. Who was in charge?

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