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101 Icebreakers

By Gary Miller & Heather Horn


In 101 Icebreakers you will find 0ver 100 activities that will make people feel connected and part of the group. They are very helpful when you want people to actively participate to accompish the goals of the group. The icebreakers can be used as a part of you business presentation but also on birthdayparties. No matter what age, gender, or level of experience, everybody can join. One of the best things in the book is that with almost every activity, there are variations and questions included. These can help to get a good picture of what the icebreaker has brought the group and the individuals in it.


In 101 Icebreakers, the icebreakers are explained short and clear. And for most of the icebreakers you don’t need any materials or very few. Which is convenient especially when you use it at work. Group size, time limitations, purpose, and physical capabilities are all given, which makes it easy to find the right icebreaker very quickly. Above every new icebreaker there is a picture that is relevant to the icebreaker. This really adds up to the book as a whole and give it nice appearance.

If you want to order the book or read more about it, you can click here or on the picture.