Teach like a Champion 2.0

Doug Lemov


Teach like a Champion 2.0 is not like a the other books we discussed before. Instead of a book with icebreakers and energizers, this book lays it’s focus on teaching. It is a fantastic book that ever teacher should have on his shelf. But also if you are not a teacher we, from 101icebreakers, believe that Teach like a Champion can help you in your professional life. Despite the fact that it was not made for meetings and teambuilding. The principals used to engage students, can be used to engage employees or other member of your team. Moreover the book can help you develope  your teaching skills. And many of the thing used by teachers are also valuable in businesslife.


Teach like a Champion 2.0 consists of 12 chapters. Each chapter has it’s own purpose. For example, Building character and trust, Systems and routines, or Setting high expectations. These are all themes that occur in books about icebreakers. And with the book comes a set of videos in which teachers show you how you can handle certain situations. The writer, Doug Lemov, is also managing director of Uncommon Schools. It is their mission to raise the standards at low-incomes schools through great teachers and give the students a better chance of getting to college.

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