Teambuilding Activity: Blind Trust

A blindfold exercise that you can easily do indoors is this one! With many thanks to Heleen van Tol.

This exercise promotes:

  • Trust in your own senses.
  • Trust in others.

Below are the instructions:

Time: 30 minutes
Participants: 5 to 15
Indoors (but outdoors is also possible)
Not active

Materials needed:
- Sufficient blindfolds
- A suitable physically safe environment
- Make sure to mention that you are also present to ensure safety.


First part of the exercise:

  1. Take a position in the room, spread out a bit.
  2. Close your eyes, listen to your own breathing, and concentrate on your surroundings.
  3. Walk carefully through the space with your eyes closed, without colliding with anything.
  4. If you concentrate on your surroundings, you won't collide because you will feel when something or someone is near you.
  5. Let everyone walk around for a while to experience what it's like.

Second part:

Instruct participants to form pairs and give one person a blindfold.

  1. Blindfold the other person so that they can't see anything.
  2. The person who is not blindfolded guides the blindfolded person through the space, making sure they don't bump into anything.
  3. After a few minutes, switch roles and walk through the space again, with the roles reversed. You can increase the pace later on if desired.

Third part:

Instruct participants to form groups of four.

  1. Form a small circle with one person standing stiffly in the middle.
  2. The blindfolded person falls gently into the arms of the surrounding individuals. The group then pushes them to the other side of the circle, creating a rocking effect.
  3. If this goes well, the entire group can form a well-closed circle and repeat the exercise.

-What did you think when you received the task?
-How did it feel to be responsible for someone else?
-How was it to lead/be led?
-When did you feel doubt?
-What did you do then?
-Did you maintain and communicate your own boundaries effectively?
-How did you feel as an individual, and what happened within the group?