Teambuilding Activity: Build A Bridge

This is a very enjoyable teamwork game that sometimes reveals, in a painful way, how collaboration works within a team.

This activity promotes:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • And who knows what else?

The instructions:

Time: 15 minutes

Participants: 6 or more; you can always divide them into groups

Indoor and Outdoor


Materials required: Crates, beams, hoops, bicycle tires, etc.

Initial setup: 

Position the participants near or on the materials.

You can choose what the participants can use as a bridge (e.g., crates, planks, tires, hoops, etc.). Make sure the participants have enough material that they can all stand on together.

Context: Inform the participants that they are going to make a river crossing. Because the current in the river is quite strong, they will need the materials to reach the other side.

If they even set foot in the river, they will be swept away by the current.

Gameplay: The participants will have to pass the materials to each other in order to reach the other side of the river. They will also need to help each other stay on the materials.

Differentiation: If the task becomes too easy for the group, remove some materials (swept away by the current).

You can also give the participants additional materials that must all be taken to the other side (call it provisions).


  • Did it go well? Why or why not?
  • What method did you use, and who came up with that idea?

Safety check: Missteps on a crate could lead to accidents. However, with good teamwork and support from the group, this can be prevented.