Teambuilding Activity: Chicken Baseball

Chicken baseball is a fun game that provides a refreshing change and generates a lot of energy.

This activity promotes:
- Collaboration
- Fun
- And who knows what else

Below are the instructions:

Duration: 15 minutes
Participants: 8 to 40
Indoor and Outdoor

Materials Needed:
Stuffed animal; chicken

Initial Setup:
Divide the group into two teams.

Chicken baseball shares similarities with regular baseball, as there is a fielding team and a batting team. However, that's about the only resemblance.


The batting team starts by tossing the chicken into the playing field.

Once the chicken is thrown, the fielding team rushes towards it and forms a line behind the chicken. The first person in line picks up the chicken and passes it over their head to the second person. The second person passes it between their legs to the third person, and so on. When the last person in line has the chicken, they shout "STOP."

Meanwhile, the batting team scores points. One point is scored when the batter completes a lap around the entire team.

When the fielding team shouts "STOP," the roles switch. The fielding team becomes the batting team, and the person holding the chicken starts at point 1 of the procedure.

Everyone should have a turn throwing the chicken.

Did everyone execute the correct technique? If not, what do the referees on the sidelines think the consequences should be?
Did the teams play fairly?
Was it challenging to ensure everyone had a turn?
Was it difficult to come up with an order for everyone's turn?
Did everyone participate?
Did they do so because it was a competition or for another reason?

Points to Consider:
The chicken may cause some attention and commotion. You can address this in the evaluation or let it pass for now.