Teambuilding Activity: Chinese Boxing

Chinese Boxing is a fun activity to start with after a break.

This activity promotes:
- Team building
- Fun
- And who knows what else

Here are the instructions:

Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Participants: 2 or more
Indoor and outdoor

Required materials:

Initial setup:
Form pairs, preferably by arranging the group in two lines facing each other.

Participants work in pairs.

The instructions are as follows:

Everyone squats and tries to unbalance the other person by performing a high ten (slapping hands flat against each other). The objective is to make the other person "fall." After a maximum of 1 minute, the game stops, and the lines shift so that everyone faces a different partner.
After 1 minute of pause, shift partners again.

Same instructions, but everyone maintains the same partner.
Perform the activity while standing.
Only allowed to look into each other's eyes.
Close your eyes.

Ask participants how they felt and if anyone gained any insights.

Safety check:
Make sure not to hit too hard.

Participants are not allowed to move their feet.