Teambuilding Activity: Count Off

This activity (with thanks to Igor) yields unexpectedly surprising results regarding how the group communicates with each other and handles disappointments.

This activity promotes:

- Awareness of interpersonal communication
- Alignment
- Dealing with disappointments
- Making agreements
- And who knows what else

Below are the instructions:

Time: 10 - 50 minutes
Participants: 10 to 20
Indoor and outdoor
Low physical activity

Required materials:

Initial setup:
Ask everyone to assume the safety position, which means holding their arms like a bumper in front of them. So, with slightly bent arms forward and palms facing forward (fingers pointing up). You ask this because everyone will now close their eyes and move very slowly (walking and spinning in circles) around the room. Then, you say "stop" and instruct them to remain standing as they are. They can open their eyes, but no talking is allowed.

Tell the participants that they will receive a group task.

The task is as follows: As a group, count aloud from 1 to 20 (the number of participants) without two people saying the same number at the same time.

- There is no time limit, and participants can make unlimited attempts.
- No one is allowed to speak or give signals such as nodding, gesturing, stomping feet, etc. You, as the trainer, will monitor this.
- If two people say the same number simultaneously, the counting starts over.

If a team succeeds on the first try, you can suggest that it might have been luck and challenge them to do it again.

What happened? (this is asking about factual behavior)
How did it make you feel?
How can a team solve a problem without communicating?
What will you, or you all, take away from this?

Safety check:
At the beginning, ensure that people do not bump into objects or walls with their eyes closed.