Teambuilding Activity: Determine The Leader

Fun and playful, simple yet revealing of group dynamics.

This activity promotes:
-Insight into identifying a leader
-Generates energy

Below is the instruction:

Duration: 20 minutes
Participants: 6 to 15
Indoor and Outdoor

Required materials: None


  1. All participants stand in a circle.
  2. Ask one of the participants to leave the space or area.
  3. They go to a place where the group cannot see or hear them. One participant now becomes the leader.
  4. They make a movement that the group tries to mimic as accurately as possible.
  5. If you let the group determine the leader without explicit instructions, interesting processes will unfold 😉
  6. Now ask the participant who left the group to come back.
  7. They stand in the middle of the circle, carefully observing all the moving participants, and must guess who the leader (the one initiating movements) is.

How was it, and what did you experience?