Teambuilding Activity: Don’t Let The Ball Fall

Do not underestimate it; this game can reveal a lot about collaboration and communication patterns. You can announce this in advance.

This activity promotes:

- Collaboration
- Making agreements
- Focus
- And who knows what else

Below are the instructions:

Duration: 20 minutes
Participants: 8 to 16
Indoor and Outdoor

Materials Needed:
Balls or other objects suitable for safe tossing.

Initial Setup:
Arrange the participants in a circle.

This is a game that requires good concentration. Each round becomes more challenging to avoid dropping the ball, and it can be helpful to make agreements with each other.

Start with 1 ball. One player throws the ball into the air, and another player must catch it. If this is achieved without the ball touching the ground, another ball is added.
Now, 2 players simultaneously throw a ball into the air. Each time all the balls in play are caught, another ball is added.
All balls must be thrown into the air simultaneously, and a ball must not be caught by the thrower.
If a ball is not caught, the group starts again with 1 ball. Unfortunately.

Further Differentiation:
Can the group perform better when they are allowed to set their own goal, for example?

Have the participants switch places when they are doing exceptionally well. Does it still work as smoothly?

Are there people with good ideas?
Are they being listened to?
What ideas have you heard?
Have you held back any ideas?

Points to Consider:
Since this game can be somewhat frustrating, it is important for the group to have experienced some success beforehand.

Safety Check:
Be careful to avoid players trying to catch the same ball, potentially colliding with each other's heads.