Teambuilding Activity: Fear In A Hat

This activity is serious and requires trust before engaging in it.

This activity promotes:

  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Seeking help
  • Leadership
  • Trust

Below is the instruction:
Duration: 30 minutes
Participants: 5 to 15
Indoor and Outdoor
Not Active

Required materials:
A hat, pen, and paper

-Each participant writes their greatest fear on a piece of paper (optionally with an explanation), folds it, and puts it in the hat.
-Then, someone picks a paper from the hat that belongs to another participant and reads it aloud.
-The person then empathizes with the other participant and describes how they might feel in that situation, the next participant takes a turn.
-After everyone has participated, the group can discuss their experiences or anything they noticed. This serves as the evaluation as well.

This activity can create a need within the group to establish agreements on how to interact with each other.

That's what I find beautiful about these types of activities. The group starts developing and building trust. They can also seek help from one another.

Afterward, you could engage in a group juggle.