Teambuilding Activity: Flashmob

Thanks to Nely Mol (who faithfully reads the lesson plans every day and always corrects my spelling), I got the idea today to publish this teaching method.

A Flashmob

Sounds very hip, but by now, we're not that cool anymore if we do this. Nely posted this flashmob on Facebook:

The Beatrix School is raising a substantial amount of money for a good cause through this.

How do you put something like this together?
To be completely honest, I have never participated in one, so I can't speak from personal experience.
However, I can imagine that children or people you work with would get very excited if you propose creating a flashmob.

I can also imagine that you could leave the initiative entirely to the group. Perhaps you want to establish some guidelines, but let it evolve naturally.

It's certain to improve collaboration!

This is perhaps the most well-known flashmob (from 2010, when it was still cool).

And this one is also very good 😉