Teambuilding Activity: Flipping the Rug

Flipping the Rug is a fun team-building activity that requires problem-solving and physical contact.

This activity promotes:

-Team building
-Creating commitment
-Making physical contact
-Thinking outside the box
-Making agreements
-Setting boundaries and who knows what else!

Below are the instructions:

Time: 20 - 30 min
Participants: 6 or more
Indoor and outdoor

Required materials:
1 large rug or tarp.

Starting position:
Place the rug on the ground. The size of the rug depends on the number of participants. Ask all participants to stand on the rug.

Tell the participants that they will be given a group task. Gameplay The task is as follows:

Try to flip the rug without anyone stepping outside of it.

Depending on your assessment, you can fold the rug to be larger or smaller. The smaller the rug, the greater the challenge for the group.
You will see that they need to think in a solution-oriented manner, that a leader needs to emerge (or not...), that physical contact is required, and much more... Enjoy!

What happened? (asking about factual behavior) How did it affect you? What will you take away from this?

Safety check:
Not applicable, except if people feel emotionally unsafe making physical contact. In that case, the theme of "setting boundaries" may arise again.