Teambuilding Activity: Get The Stick

This is also a very fun game that often leads to valuable insights.

This activity promotes:
-Collaboration among participants
-Enjoyment together

Below are the instructions:

Duration: 15 minutes
Participants: 6 to 12
Indoor and Outdoor

Required materials:
Straight sticks or flip chart paper


  1. Each participant searches for a stick or creates one, for example, using a piece of flip chart paper. 
  2. A circle is formed with the participants, and each person places their stick in front of them by resting one end on the ground and balancing it with one finger.
  3. At a prearranged signal, each participant releases their own stick and moves behind the stick of the person next to them, all without letting any sticks fall. If a stick falls, the person who was late to reach the stick is out, and the fallen stick remains on the ground.The game continues with the fallen sticks, creating larger distances between the sticks and making the game more challenging.

The game ends when only one participant remains, who is declared the winner.

If the group is large enough, you can create multiple groups and have them compete against each other. Who can keep the most sticks standing for the longest time?

This game can lead to a lot of competition (or the opposite), which can provide valuable insights. What happened during this game?
How was it, and what did you experience?
Where do you recognize this behavior? (see if you can relate it to the training theme)
What will you take away from this?
What will you do differently starting tomorrow?