Teambuilding Activity: Giant Woods

This working method promotes:

-Dependents on the participants (various outcomes are possible with this game)


Duration: 30 minutes - 45 minutes
Participants: Minimum of 6
Outdoor and optionally indoors in a gymnasium/large space

Materials needed:
- Rope/cones to mark territories
- Sufficient space

You can order cones at a discounted price from


Divide the group in a designated space and have the participants sit down. These participants will be the giants.
Two participants are blindfolded and spun around. Both players must individually try to navigate through the forest of giants.
When they touch a giant, it explodes (with a loud bang or sound).
When the game leader beats the drum, the two participants must stop and an earthquake occurs, causing the giants to roll and move to a different location.

Can either of the participants successfully navigate through the forest without causing a giant to explode?

What happened during the game?
How did it make you feel?
What lessons or experiences would you like to take away from this game?