Teambuilding Activity: Group Juggle

A very enjoyable and playful way to create valuable agreements is the so-called 'Group Juggle'.

This is a method to discover which values are important to a group. I have done this activity many times with adults and children, and each time I am amazed at how simple it is and how much can be achieved together.

You stand in a circle together. A ball or a soft throwable object is tossed to each other. It is important that the object is thrown to everyone once before it is thrown back to you as the facilitator.

Next, you will practice the fixed order. So, the object goes from person A to person B, then to person C, and finally back to you as the facilitator. Once that is achieved, you ask a question;

"What is important for all of you as a group to work together?"

Usually, values like these come up:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Collaboration, etc.

One value is chosen, and the group works with it. If the task is successful, another value can be chosen, then a third, and so on.


  1. Choose an object that symbolizes the selected value (there are several objects on the ground, I often bring different stuffed animals). 
  2. Throw the object to someone in the group while stating the value out loud. The object is passed around, and each time someone throws it, they mention the value. Everyone receives the object once, and finally, it returns to the person who started. So, there is a specific order. 
  3. If this is successful without the object falling, you can take it a step further; Choose and name a second value, and introduce another object that symbolizes that value. Now, two objects go around the circle in the previously established order. If this works with two objects (in the right order), you can introduce a third value, and so on! Depending on what happens in the group, you can make interventions; in simple terms: You can ask questions like: "What makes it successful?" or "What makes it not work?"
group juggle, teambuilding activity

If the group works well together, focused, you can perhaps go up to 5 or more objects.

Variation: You can also introduce a so-called 'BOK' (GOAT in English). This represents the person in a group who always opposes or challenges others. This object goes around the circle in the opposite direction!

The video below gives an idea of how it can unfold. It is a very old recording from one of the first times I used this activity. I was working with the 'church council' of our community, and they chose the values: 'faith, hope, love'.