Teambuilding Activity: Hula Hoop

This team-building activity is incredibly simple yet highly effective!

This activity promotes:
- Collaboration
- Focus
- Self-directed ability
- Goal orientation
- Effective communication


Time: 10 minutes
Participants: 6 to 20 (but can accommodate more)
Indoor and outdoor
(Somewhat) Active

Materials required:
- One hoop (or two) or a round rope with a diameter of 1 meter.

Initial setup:
Arrange the participants in a circle while holding each other's hands.

Objective: Pass the hoop as quickly as possible by stepping through it without letting go of each other's hands until it returns to the first person.

The facilitator starts the timer from the beginning. The person who first has the hoop around them moves their body in a way that the hoop slides over their arm to the person standing on their left or right. This person must crawl through the hoop to pass it on to the next person.
Eventually, the hoop returns to its starting point without any hands letting go of each other.

After the first attempt, the facilitator encourages the team to make a faster second attempt.
The facilitator observes the performance and chooses to let go when the team is ready to set a higher goal for themselves.

As the facilitator, you can ask what happened, what was successful, and help the team realize that through simple agreements and focus, they can quickly improve their performance.