Teambuilding Activity: Left/Right

This is a very enjoyable activity that demonstrates the importance of teamwork. It simply won't work without agreements, coordination, and leadership.

This activity promotes:

Below is the instruction:

Duration: 30 minutes
Participants: 20 or more
Indoor and Outdoor

Required materials:
Duct tape

Gameplay / Rules:
The participants are connected to each other by their ankles. They stand in a line next to each other, with the left ankle taped to the right ankle of the person on their left, and so on. This creates a group that is physically linked together.

If you connect two teams in this way, you can have them compete against each other.

On the starting signal, they have to walk to the finish line, for example, 50 meters away. You can also set up a course for them.

What contributed to team xx winning?
What will you take away from this experience?