Teambuilding Activity: Marshmallow (But It’s Original)

I received this activity from Patrick Blauw. He did it this weekend with the top athletes from KZ (for those unfamiliar, they are the Dutch champions in korfball).

The activity itself is not very original anymore, yet he gave it an interesting twist.

The version that many are familiar with is building the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti. Patrick, a DISC specialist, approached it differently:

He divided the group into the D's, the I's, the S's, and the C's (referring to the DISC personality types). He instructed them to build a half-bridge using marshmallows, paper, and spaghetti. This bridge had to connect with one half of another group. However, he only revealed which group they had to connect with after 5 minutes.

Of course, he deliberately brought together groups that were DISC opposites. So, the D's had to build a bridge to the S's, and the I's had to build a bridge to the C's (their "allergies" to each other).

The results were remarkable because, as they say, "the greater the gap, the more beautiful the bridge."