Teambuilding Activity: One At The Time

This activity promotes:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Making agreements
  • And who knows what else

Below is the instruction:

Duration: 20 minutes
Participants: 8 to 12
Indoor and Outdoor

Required materials

Initial setup:
Have the participants stand in a circle while listening to the instructions.

Gameplay / Rules:

Everyone is spread out in the space. The group is responsible for ensuring that there is always one person walking. The rest remain still.
When the walker stops, someone else must seamlessly take over walking, but when someone who is standing starts walking, the walker must immediately stop. Everyone needs to be very alert.
The exercise can be expanded by allowing two and then three people to walk.

This activity is somewhat similar to "Count off".

-How did it go? What was the result?
-How did the coordination go?
-What will you take away from this?