Teambuilding Activity: Out of the Knot

There are many energizers with 'knot-like' tasks. Here's a fun one that is not exactly an energizer but more of a teamwork assignment. Let me give you a brief description:

Form teams of 6 or 8 people. Each team will create a knot using different strings.

For a team of 6 individuals, place 3 strings of 1.5 meters on the ground, forming a sort of spiderweb.

Each pair grabs one end of a string. So, the team of 6 now stands in a small circle, holding 3 strings tightly; each person holds one end. Now, team members start changing places, crawling under the string, crossing over each other, passing by one another, creating a tangled mess of strings.

Afterward, they place the knot on the ground.

The other team, or teams, have done the same.

The task now is to untangle the knot of one of the other teams as quickly as possible.