Teambuilding Activity: Quiet Brainstorm

This working method promotes:

  • Brainstorming without discussion
  • Creativity
  • Synergy

Below are the instructions:

Duration: 45 minutes, depending on the number of participants
Participants: 10 to 15
Indoor and outdoor
Low activity level

Required materials:
Pen and paper

Objective of the game:
To gather and shape ideas with a larger group (maximum 10-15 participants) without getting caught up in discussions and conversations during the brainstorming phase, especially with larger groups.

During "brainwriting," each participant writes down their ideas on a piece of paper, which is then passed on to their neighbor.
With the paper received from their neighbor, participants build upon the given idea and try to come up with original perspectives. This way, all ideas circulate among all participants, and everyone contributes something.
To maintain speed, you can use a stopwatch and switch every 2 minutes.

After the paper has completed a full circle, everyone takes the time to review all the notes (or only those added to their original idea).

Only then does everyone come together to verbally discuss the created "brainwritings."

A helpful tool for structuring ideas during "brainwriting" is the mind map. In a circle, write down the initial idea (one of the brainstorming topics), and connect new ideas to the original topic or idea using linking lines. This creates a line or structure in the ideas, visually indicating which ideas are connected to each other.

After "brainwriting" based on mind maps, the ideas and plans already have some structure.