Teambuilding Activity: Suggestions In 2 Minutes

I conducted this activity yesterday at an entrepreneur's evening. It took place at Meet@work, a company that facilitates workspaces for small business owners. 

The aim was to demonstrate the power of collaboration and how working together can lead to greater achievements. I had the opportunity to lead the "action part" of the activity:

  • Participants formed groups of 4 or 5 people (which I decided at that moment based on the time).
  • One out of the 5 participants went first and had 2 minutes to deliver their pitch and to identify and write down (on a flip chart) the "things" they could give away to potential clients. Then, the others had 2 minutes to provide suggestions (additional things they could do/give away).

The person presenting was not allowed to fall into the "yes, but" mindset; they simply listened and quickly wrote down all the suggestions on a flip chart.

  • Then, the next person took their turn, and this process continued until everyone had a chance to participate.
  • Afterwards, we gathered at a central point and hung all the flip charts on the wall. We took a group photo and concluded that by working together (for example, because we are located in the same Meet@work building), we can achieve much more than we can individually... 😉