Teambuilding Activity: The Best Game Ever!

The Best Game Ever is the most fun game ever.

It is an activity where the group continuously adjusts the rules of the game and experiences it as the most enjoyable game they have ever played.

When I played this game myself, I had a lot of fun and also didn't enjoy it at all ;). I actually had quite a self-realization while playing this game! Various areas for development came to the forefront in such a confronting way that it wasn't very enjoyable at the time. I'll let you in on a secret: it had to do with expressing ideas and not being heard, allowing others to dominate (that's in the past now).

And you can imagine that team dynamics play a significant role in this.

This activity promotes:

- Team building
- Being self-directed
- Making agreements
- Raising the bar higher and higher
- Having fun
- And who knows what else

Here are the instructions:

Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Participants: 6 or more
Indoor and outdoor

Required materials:
1 ball, various hoops (or car tires), 1 large rope, and any other materials you want to provide to the group.

Initial setup:
The group stands in a circle so they can hear your instructions.

Tell the participants that they are going to play a game where they can change the rules. The goal is to make this game the Most Fun Game Ever!

You can start by initially giving them a few rules. For example, there is one tagger who tags others by throwing the ball at them.

Or you can set up a volleyball net, divide them into two teams, and give them a ball.

Or you can...


You can also choose not to give any rules and simply explain that they have to create and modify the game themselves.
You can differentiate by consciously intervening during the game or by solely evaluating the game afterwards.

Was this the most fun game ever? Explain...
What happened? (This is asking for factual behavior)
Who suggested ideas? Who didn't?
Was there listening to each other's ideas?
How did it make you feel?
What will you take away from this?

Safety check:
As a trainer, you should always be mindful of any physically unsafe inventions or actions during the game.