Teambuilding Activity: The Shepherd and His Sheep

This is the kind of activity where, if you are open to it, you can discover a lot about your leadership and your role in teams.

This activity promotes:

-And who knows what else

Below is the instruction:
Duration: 30 minutes
Participants: 6 to 12
Indoor and Outdoor

Required materials:
Blindfolds, thick rope of approximately 10 meters

Gameplay / Rules:

  1. The participants are blindfolded and scattered around the space. From then on, they are considered sheep who cannot speak or understand language. 
  2. Next, a sheep's pen (using the rope) is created somewhere, and the blindfold is removed from one sheep. This becomes the shepherd. The shepherd has a broken leg and cannot leave their spot.
  3. The shepherd must now try to get all the sheep into the pen without speaking. The sheep are given some time to plan a strategy. They can use certain sounds (e.g., clapping hands or whistling).

When the shepherd is allowed to talk, a lot can be discovered about leadership. I can give you countless examples of people who drew parallels with reality (which is often desired; you want to hold up a mirror); how they lead.

What happened?
How was this for you?
What did you experience?
What will you take away from this?