Teambuilding Activity: Traffic Chaos

This activity promotes:

  • collaboration
  • physical contact
  • getting active
  • and who knows what else

Below are the instructions:

Duration: 45 minutes
Participants: 8 to 20
Indoor and Outdoor

Materials Needed:
Cones to mark the playing field

Initial Setup:
Create a playing field where participants have enough space to walk around without colliding.

It's a traffic chaos, so you need to pay close attention to avoid collisions. The traffic situation will worsen gradually, and we'll increase the speed as well.

Game Flow:

All participants walk together in a small area, ensuring they do not collide.

While they walk, gradually make the area smaller. Ask if any collisions have occurred.

Then ask participants to speed up their walking pace, and so on. The area becomes smaller, and participants must move faster.

Ultimately, through your questions, you want to convey that the situation demands not going at full speed, as accidents can happen. Sometimes you need to stop, wait, and above all, pay attention to others.

Safety Check:
Assess what participants can handle without any major collisions. Instruct participants to run with their hands protecting their chests.