Teambuilding activity: Willow in the Wind

This is a well-known activity that I'm describing because it can create beautiful moments. Make sure you have done the Trust Fall in pairs first.

This activity promotes:
- Team building
- Trust
- Setting boundaries
- And who knows what else

Here are the instructions:

Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Participants: 8 or more
Indoor and outdoor

Required materials:

Initial setup:
Arrange all participants in a circle.

This activity fits well within a series of activities centered around the theme of "Trust." Therefore, all safety instructions from the Trust Fall should be followed in this exercise. Check Trust Fall.

It goes as follows:

1 volunteer stands in the middle. All team members surround them, ready to catch the volunteer as in the Trust Fall.
The person in the middle leans backward, falling.
The group catches the person and gently pushes them forward.
The person allows themselves to be pushed in the direction determined by the group (automatically).

As a trainer, you can give a signal at some point and have the person picked up, being carried horizontally in the air. The group sways the person back and forth and slowly lowers them.

How was this for you?

Safety check:
Refer to the Trust Fall for safety guidelines.