Teambuilding Activity: Yurt Circle

The Yurt Circle is a well-known team-building activity.

This activity promotes:

-fun and who knows what else!


Time: 10 minutes
Participants: 8 or more
Indoor and Outdoor

Materials needed: a sturdy rope; length depending on the number of participants.

These people have come up with something for this.

Initial setup: The participants sit in a circle on the ground, facing the center.

Procedure: The group receives various tasks/challenges.

  1. Everyone holds the rope in their hands, above their legs. At the leader's signal, everyone moves rapidly in clockwise circles, then counterclockwise, and then in the other direction...
  2. On a signal, everyone stands while hanging onto the rope.
  3. And then sits again...
  4. And stands and sits with one hand.

Evaluation: Ask questions about mutual dependence and relate them to work.

Safety check: N/A