The big book of icebreakers

By Edie West


Are you trying to get people to work together in a great atmosphere? Yes! Then this is the book for you. You can use icebreakers when leading a meeting or giving a presentation. It is a great way to start a workshop or event and it will encourage people to participate more. In The big book of icebreakers you will find 50 icebreakers that are designed for everyday business situations. The book helps you start every session or meeting with energy and fun. In this book are icebreakers for sales meetings, teambuilding, meeting complete strangers, introducing a topic, staff meetings, groups over 20, outdoor settings and many more. These quick fun activities will help light up your meetings and workshops.


This book is a must-have when it comes to icebreakers. It has a very clear structure and there is a matrix at the beginning of the book to help you find the perfect icebreaker. With a couple of questions you can easily find the icebreaker you need. Edie West gives you tips on how to use these icebreakers. He also made a list of his top 10 icebreakers and he even took care of opening and closing lines. Besides that the book is very convenient it also has a humorous tone in it. So, is there for example one icebreakers category called “Icebreakers for stuffy conservative types who hate icebreakers”. This makes the book fun to read. And the icebreakers themselves have the same structure every time, which gives the book a organized look.

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