Tree Switch

Tree Switch is a fantastic energizer to show people what their patterns are.

It needs little explanation and it can go all sorts of ways.

Just by saying: “Go stand in the tyre” there is a lot for you as coach to observe and give feedback on.

The idea is that there is always one tyre missing. Which means that when each member of the group goes standing in one tyre there is always someone without a tyre. Sometimes someone sees this on time and give the tyre to another member of the group. Or someone runs to make sure they have a tyre.

This means you can ask questions up front such as “Is this your strategy?”

After this you explain the game shortly.

Required materials

Tyres (amount = amount of participants)


The tyres are spread over an area of approximately 20x20m. (20×20 yard)


With this game participants usually don’t understand the purpose. The goal for the coach is to make clear that the patterns they are showing it the game correspond with their patterns everywhere else.

How it works

When you’re standing in a tree(the tyre) you might try to switch with someone else. The person who doesn’t have a tree tries to steal a tree.

A lot of times you don’t have to explain more than that the name of the game Tree Switch is. This is often enough explanation.

  • After one minute you say “Stop!”.
  • You call everybody together and ask them what they have shown of themselves. So, what did you do and do you recognise your behavior?
  • A next step would be to ask the participants to act different than they would normally do. What would the game look like then?

Differentiation (not really necessary in this case)

A few suggestions

  • Tyres more spread (a bigger area).
  • You must have been in every tyre.
  • Ask the participants to think of something.
  • Saying “You’re safe in the tyres” which makes it a whole different game.


How was is to do it completely different?


  1. What happened?
  2. What did we learn from this exercise?
  3. What are we taking with us to the next exercise?

Attention points

You get the best result when all the members of the group concentrate and do their absolute best.

Good Luck!